The following steps will remove the disputes with Experian, Transunion and Equifax. Plan on around 5-15 minutes per bureau.


Step 1: Call Equifax at 1-800-203-7843, there will be a brief recording and then a live agent will answer.
Step 2: The agent will ask you for a confirmation number, let them know you don’t have one and you need to get dispute comments taken off of your credit report.
Step 3: Let the agent know what accounts are showing up in dispute, they will send out a request to have these comments removed.
Step 4: They will ask you for your email address so they can send you confirmation when the disputes are removed.


Step 1: Call Experian at 714-830-7000, press option 0 to speak with the next available Operator. You will then be transferred to a live agent. The agent will ask you “how can I direct your call?” Advise the agent you need to get dispute comments removed from your credit report so you can move forward with your home mortgage. If they ask if you have an Experian Id # advise them that you do not. They will then transfer you to a customer service representative.
Step 2: Let the agent know you need to get the “dispute comments” removed from your credit report and which accounts are showing up on your credit report with these comments. The agent will put in a request to have these comments removed. They may ask you if you agree the way the account is currently reporting and you will need to say YES to get the disputes removed. It should only take 24 to 72 hours for this request to be completed and they will send you a verification email after these comments have been removed.



Step 1: Call Transunion at 1-800-916-8800
Step 2: At the recording press option 4 to speak to a representative, then press option 2 that you don’t have a Transunion identification number.
Step 3: Let the agent know you have accounts showing up in dispute and you need to have that comment removed. (THEY WILL ADVISE YOU IT CAN TAKE 30 DAYS BUT IT IS USUALLY REMOVED IN 48-72 HOURS. )
Step 4: The agent will go through the accounts in dispute with you one by one.
Step 5: They will mail confirmation to you at your mailing address when the disputes are removed.



If you are trying to raise your credit score fast or are in need of trade lines (To buy a house) – DO NOT get a secured card or open a new card as you will take a 10% credit hit for new credit and then it will take 6 -8 months to report positively- Authorized User accounts will allow you to obtain the trade lines with no negative impact.


**********FHA INFO********* Attn:Home Owners & Potential Buyers!
-Example below

GOOD NEWS! On January 26th FHA will be reducing their monthly mortgage insurance premiums by a .5%. What does that mean for you? Cheaper monthly payments! If you have a FHA loan now call me so I can streamline refinance you and lower your monthly payment with the new premiums(Very little or NO cost). And for you potential buyers, you need to call me so I can pre approve you now before they raise the premiums back up so you can take advantage of a lower payment for the same house. Call me if you would like more information or my help! 540-907-9900
Example: FHA loan amount $250K
CURRENT mortgage ins. = $281.25
REDUCED mortgage ins. = $177.08
YOU SAVE $104.17 even if we don't drop the rate! If we can drop the rate the savings only increases. When you refinance you skip the months payment following closing AND get a escrow account refund - not too shabby!